Effective written communication does not happen by chance. Careful consideration of context, objective, and reader knowledge is required to develop written communication that is both effective and inspiring. And without the skill and ability to draw critical information from disparate sources, the technical writer will fail to synthesize a cogent message that gives the reader both knowledge and understanding.

Context: Effective technical writing relies heavily on context, and I make it a priority to develop an understanding of your business strategy and communication objectives before drafting written materials. My goal is to inform your readers, present your ideas, and show your business in the context of your competitive strengths in the market place. This idea of a contextual understanding not only allows me to be effective in my work for you, but it also allows me to develop a written product that brings readers to an informed point of view that compliments and supports your business identity.

Objective: Every piece of written communication affords the opportunity to address multiple communication objectives, and any written material that does not do so is wasteful and ineffective. I work with you to identify and prioritize the objectives that underlie your communication efforts, and prepare written materials that will achieve these objectives.

Reader Knowledge: Perhaps the single most important objective of technical writing is to teach...to inform the reader and facilitate understanding. To achieve this objective, I work to provide readers with a path to a shared level of understanding before leading them to new ideas or concepts. Organization, style, and vocabulary are the tools that I use to create written products that allow readers to quickly find an entry point that is consistent with their knowledge level. This approach allows a single written product to serve multiple audiences and thus enhances the effectiveness of your written communication.

Representative Products:

· Technical Manuals
· Project-specific Reports and Narrative
· Corporate Profiles
· PR Materials and Marketing Collateral
· Requests for Qualifications
· Requests for Proposals