A passion for problem solving and an ability to think critically and comprehensively have guided my career for nearly 30 years. Working first as a research engineer and product manager, and later as a Principal for one of the country's most successful engineering consulting firms, I have learned how to successfully address the most difficult business challenges. Through focused consultation, I offer that experience to your business.

My focused consulting services address Management, Marketing, Communications, and Production challenges in the service, design, and construction industries. My technical consulting is flavored by my interest in technical detail and energy utilization. Representative services include the following:

· Situational Analysis and Opportunity Assessment

· Service Mix and Competitive Assessment
· Organizational Structure Assessment
· Contract Project Mangement
· Startup Planning
· Expansion Planning
· Merger or Acquisition Planning

· Structure and Organization Assessment
· Client Satisfaction Surveys
· Visibility and Perception Surveys
· Strategic and Tactical Planning

· Message Development
· Marketing Collateral Development or Review
· Qualification Statement Development or Review
· Proposal Reviews

· Organizational Assessment
· Client Care Strategies
· Staff Responsiveness Training
· Service Surveys
· Quality Surveys